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We want to empower all of our members by sharing a little bit about yourself to the community in a fun new way!  If you’d like to participate tell us more about yourself by filling out the form below. These answers will be posted on our social media for our Empowering Businesses Juntos campaign. You can give a shout out to your own business during this time of need or to a member business or nonprofit of your choice. Together, we can achieve this goal. We look forward to promoting your business and Empowering Businesses Juntos!

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Name of Business: Nombre del negocio: *
Business Address: Dirección del negocio: *
Business Phone Number: Número de teléfono del negocio: *
When is your business opening?Cuándo es su fecha de apertura?
What steps should your customers take when re-entering your business? For example: They must wear masks. Cuáles son las precauciones que está tomando con COVID-19?
Why did you get into this field or business? ¿Por qué te metiste en este campo o negocio? *
What is your ancestral origin/heritage? ¿Cuál es tu origen / herencia ancestral?
What is your next goal you want to accomplish? ¿Cuál es tu próximo objetivo que quieres lograr?
If I had one super power it would be... ¿Si tuviera una super poder sería? *
What challenge have you overcome? (i.e. as a first gen student/professional/women/first time business owner, person of color) ¿Qué desafíos has superado? (como estudiante de primera generación, profesional / mujer / propietario de un negocio por primer
What was it like your first day on the job and what is the difference today? ¿Cómo fue tu primer día en el trabajo y cuál es la diferencia hoy?
Please share a picture of yourself Por favor comparte una foto suya
Please share your company logo Por favor comparta el logotipo de su empresa
Please check mark which of your companies social media outlets you would like this seen on: Marque en cuál de los medios de comunicación de su empresa le gustaría ver esto en:

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