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Board of directors

Pete Perez

Jorge Rodriguez
Board Director

Louisa Terronez Ewert

Melinda Alatorre
Vice Chair

Yvonne Savala
Boar Director

Sergio Mendoza
Board Director

Katrina Andybur
Board Director

Adam Guthrie
Board Director

Neva Tapia
Board Director

Mary Chappell
Board Director

Melissa Freidhof-Rodgers
Board Director

Graciela Macias
Board Director

Dennis Naranjo
Board Director

Advisory Board

Bob Ontiveros
Founder & Chairman Emeritus

Robert Hill

Empowering Latina Leadership Alliance

The Empowering Latina Leadership Alliance (ELLA) is an initiative part of the Hispanic Chamber and led by a steering committee.  The Empowering Latina Leadership Alliance seeks to:
-Inspire and empower Latinas to broaden the perception of what they can achieve educationally and professionally
-Facilitate opportunities to benefit Latinas who are interested in pursuing networking opportunities and small business development
-Increase knowledge, grow, and strengthen group ties 

To connect and to receive updates, check out our Facebook Group Page.  For more information or sponsorship opportunities contact us at: (563) 214-5160. 

Ana Laura Preciado

Dulce Pollock

Elizabeth Nino

Isamar Sanchez

Juanita Zertuche

Monste Ricossa

Patty Casas

Margarita Mojica

staff Members

Zenaida Landeros
Executive Director

Janessa Calderon
Programs Manager
Jessica Raya                                                                                                 
Events Intern